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Why Should You Be Wearing Chakra Jewellery? – Chakra Wholesaler in USA

Chakra is an ancient Indian word that signifies the cycle of life. And as evolution says the story of life is an cyclic event, evolving to be the better. Chakra jewellery has been symbolic representation of the betterment for the human evolution. That in itself holds the power to heal.

Ever wonder why?

How it heals?

Well human body in itself are made up of 7 chakra’s namely Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Nabi-Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrara. Each chakra is further subdivided into 17 sub chakras other than Ajna which is a combination of 12 chakras, where all these chakras come together to create the essence called life.

In order to rejuvenate the basic 7 chakras and improve life chakra jewellery is curved with extreme pristine to provide the maximum benefits to your bodily chakra. How chakra jewellery aid you in your day to day life.

Where to wear

One of the best places to wear your chakra jewellery is around your chest region, because it marks the centre chakra and have clinical control over all the chakra’s in your body. So it is suggestible that you wear your chakra jewellery in forms of pendant.

Chakra Double Round with centre Ruby Pendant for Sale-Alakik Universal Exports USA

Why to wear

Chakra jewellery controls all the 7 essential chakra’s of your body providing a rejuvenating essence that will aid you in overcome most of diseases even the negative thought processes.

7-chakras of your body providing a rejuvenating essence

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How Chakra Jewellery helps

  • High frequency positive vibrations that help you force out of the various negative energies.
  • It helps to draw back harmony into your life.
  • It improves your energy level and provides you with calmness.
  • It increases dopamine level in your body so that your body get ample rest.
  • Improve and boosts your immunity system so that you can fight diseases and other external factors that are harmful for your body.

With a large list advantages that Chakra jewellery provide, think no more order wholesale chakra pendant from us to help improve your life.

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Tips To Create The Perfect Reiki-Grid-Reiki wholesale in usa

Tips To Create The Perfect Reiki-Grid

Reiki Grid is an amazing technique of assisting distant healing by using crystals and placing them in a grid. It is created based on the unique, extraordinary theory and network of World Peace Crystal Grid. It is plausible to build a pattern or grid using 14 crystals as well as charging them with a high level of Reiki energy. Hence, they shall continuously keep sending Reiki to anyone whose place or picture is placed in the grid. This kind of advanced technique is more efficient than using a singular crystal. In this way, the effect of Reiki can be sent at the same time to many people. Just like a single crystal, the steps are almost similar.


They include:

1. Selecting 14 crystals by seeking a suggestion in findings the ones that shall best suit for the Reiki Grid.
2. Twelve crystals will be needed for the grid’s exterior part, one shall be needed right in the centre and another one to be used as the Master Crystal.
3. The crystal to be placed in the centre can be either a double or single terminated crystal, a crystal ball, a crystal pyramid or even a crystal cluster.
4. Unlike the crystal to be placed in centre, the master crystal is a longer crystal, almost resembling like a laser. It should be having an energy off the Yang type and must be utilized for directing Reiki into the Reiki Grid.
5. It is imperative to check with a pendulum or even a same kind of method that any stones or crystals one selects shall work, to be used in the Reiki Grid. Then, the cleansing process is needed for later charging them in the same way.
6. After charging them, one can use it along with a World Peace Crystal Grid picture. With the help of this picture, the Reiki Grid shall be linked with some fabulous World Peace Crystal Grid’s energies, charged once every month by individuals from different parts of the world. To initiate the healing process, these energies shall be adding effectiveness and strength as well as ensure a higher consciousness level.

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Mind, Body and Spirit with Wholesale Metaphysical Crystals

Supercharging the Mind, Body and Spirit with Wholesale Metaphysical Crystals

Metaphysical crystals have been there on the planet even before human came into existence, and have been a resource to the formation of the earth. With development of society and human thriving ahead to create a better life these crystals have been part of human desire for long, adoring the beauty of fingers to other body parts, reflecting an essence of pristine, class and status.

All these reflection have been carried out using crystals for thousands of years now, without even having a clear knowledge about how these crystals have been aiding mankind for generations.

Ever wonder why peace of mind is not directly proportional to wealth even though we stride everyday to achieve more of it. Because we forget the greatest wealth that we have is our own body. To ensure you achieve the peace of mind and a healthy body we have been striving all along to bring you the best quality metaphysical crystals at a wholesale scheme, that not only make it easy for you to achieve it, but also ensure that you feel supercharged while you take a walk with our metaphysical crystals down your daily life.

Take a peek down the window of our body and open up to the power of supercharged healing with our metaphysical crystals:

Clearing Metaphysical Crystals

Clearing: Metaphysical crystals works as a magnet to pull out all the negative energy surrounding you and provide you with an essence of cool breeze and creates a Garden of Eden that will help you focus and take great positive strides in your life. This also ensures that you have your peace of mind at home, at work and in every aspects of your daily routine.


Energing-Metaphysical Crystals

Energizing: Nature provides us with all that we need for the very essence of life! Sunlight likewise other than providing with mere vitamin D can be used in a more eccentric way to energize your mind body and soul, for that all you need is a metaphysical crystal. When sunlight or deflected light of sun from the moon hit the metaphysical crystal it creates a positive radiation around you that not only rejuvenate your neurons but also helps in a smoother blood flow, that in turn keep you energized throughout the day and let you walk that extra mile you always dreamt off in your daily life.

Balacing-Metaphysical crystals

Balancing: Too much of anything will spoil the food! Metaphysical crystals help you keep and maintain a healthy balance of energy in your daily life that will help you to get proper rest and peace in your day to day life, and allow you to take more clear and positive decisions which used to lay in the shadows of crowded mind earlier.

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Reborn, rejuvenate and break free with the supercharging essence of metaphysical crystals.

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The Right Way To Wear Healing Crystal Jewellery For Maximum Results-Alakik Universal Exports

The Right Way To Wear Healing Crystal Jewellery For Maximum Results

Timeless Healing crystals

Healing Crystals can have extraordinary advantages if worn as jewellery. Since times immemorial, the striking uniqueness in a crystal has drawn innumerable crystal lovers. Always in vogue, Healing crystals and their spiritual quality makes them a substantial demand even today. The vicious circle and its monotony has urged many urban dwellers to seek for meaningful life. The effect of some healing crystals has been wondrous to render some miraculous curing.

Key Healing Crystals- what they cure and how?

 Aquamarine Elastic Bracelet With Tire BeadAquamarine: They enable treating thyroid and Pituitary Glands if a person suffers from growing problems. It also helps to treat Hay fever. The crystal can be worn as a necklace, bracelet as a polished and drilled piece of jewellery.

Amber Facetted PendulumAmber: It helps to cure head-aches which happens because of changes in hormonal changes, digestive issues and hormonal issues. One must wear a neck-lace or even a pendant having a direct body contact.

Tourquie Beads Earring with OmTurquoise, Magnesite and Diaspor: It helps to relieve heart burn. The crystal can be worn as a earrings, neck-lace, bracelet or even as a pendant.

Rose Quartz Spinning Merkaba Golden Plated PendulumRose quartz: It addresses heart Rhythm disturbances. Any irregularity in heartbeat results in irregularity of life’s rhythm. Rose quartz helps to enhance rest, re-creation, sleep, closeness with a strong security sense. A pendant or a necklace can be worn with a direct body contact on heart.

Lapis Lazuli Pub HeartsLapis Lazuli: It helps to solve issues like Hoarseness, a disorder causing partial voice loss due to an upper respiratory-tract’s infection. A Lapis Lazuli can help to enhance the hoarseness of voice. A neck-lace or a pendant can be worn which has close contact with the throat area.

Emerald Chips Power BraceletEmerald: It cures chronic head-colds and head-aches owing to fever and inflammation. Wearing a necklace with direct body contact for a longer times helps to heal head-aches.

Epidot Baby Orgone PyramidEpidot: It enables re-building the human immune system post a serious illness for normalizing the boy functions. It also helps in stress and deals with severely painful experiences. It is importance to wear it as a neck-lace or pendant.

Chakra Double Round with centre Ruby PendantRuby: It helps to address different kinds off impotence which happens because of weakness and emotional reasons. It promotes an active sex life and gives back passion into life. It can be worn as a bracelet, neck-lace or a pendant.

Amethyst geometry engrave tumble setAmethyst: It is useful for tension and head-aches which originates from eye-strain. For insect bites also, Amethyst gives a cooling effect and relieve from itching. There are other health issues, an Amethyst can help with like nausea, Diarrhoea etc. It can be worn as a neck-lace or a pendant.

What Chakra wholesale can Guarantee?

Chakra Wholesale can guarantee 100% genuine and authentic healing crystals for all its customers. It ensures catering to the various healing issues of customers and solving them with crystal-based healing techniques. With jewellery as carriers of these healing crystals, people can address their health issues by wearing them as attractive bracelet, pendants or just as necklaces.

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Uses of Healing Stones -Alakik Universale Exports in USA

Looking To Learn About How To Use Healing Stones?

The artform of crystal healing has existed in human civilization for over thousand years. Ingrained from the ancient Indian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greece civilization, Crystal Healing has been an undeniable segment of natural medicines. Crystals resonate their individual signatures of energy. When a crystal’s electromagnetic field comes in contact with that of a human, the flow of energy starts through the various meridians. This activates the chakras, stimulates electrical nerve impulses, starts the hormonal glands activity and re-generates cellular metabolism, organs and tissues.

Healing Crystal fro Sale- Alakik Universal Exports There includes a plethora of ways, healing crystals can be used. These include:

1. Carrying them in a pocket: This is one of the mot effective and prevalent ways to use a crystal and restore its impact.
2. Under a bed or pillow: Crystals can be used to encourage the special effects of healing while sleeping.
3. Ear Olives: There are oval and longish crystals which can be used to place on the external part o the ear.
4. Ointments: Ointments from Healing crystals can be made by having the gem essences mixed with a base of an ointment comprising of beewax and jojoba oil (1:5).
5. Energetic Treatment: The body fluids can be allowed to flow by having them laid on the body.
6. Using them as a jewellery: This is the most seen and heard form of using a healing crystal. It can be worn as a bracelet, neck-lace and pendant etc.
7. Stone circle: Lying or sitting in a full complete circle of crystals can help to take in strong and positive crystal energies.
8. Holding in the hand: This application works using the hand’s reflexology zones.
9. Holding in the mouth: Through a localized effect, this application works within the mouth as well as mucous membranes.
10. Massaging: Healing crystals can be moved around the skin for massaging purposes.

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What Is Reiki Therapy and How Can It Help You Heal?

Every person wants to have a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, the imbalanced lifestyle along with the never-ending work do not let your mind and body be at peace. Dump medicines and opt for the best healing process of Reiki therapy to have a good emotional as well as physical health. Let us know in the following lines more about Reiki.

A Note on Reiki

In Reiki, a person’s disease gets cured by way of passing on the positive energy through the palm of the practitioner into the patient’s body. It is a kind of energy healing process which was first started in Japan. The therapist transfers the universal energy into the person’s body by using the palms in a right way over the person’s body, especially on the part where the patient feels ache. In modern days, alongside of using palms, various Reiki crystal stones have been used for healing the health conditions.

Reikie Sets for Sale-Alakik-Universal Exports

The Advanced Reiki Therapy

The present age calls for using Reiki crystal stones for healing all types of physical and emotional problems. Upon knowing about your emotional or physical pain, the therapist uses the right kind of Reiki crystal on the part of your body to release the clogged energy all over your body, giving you a permanent relief from your pain. If you know the use of Reiki, then there are reiki sets for sale in the online stores from where you can choose your type of Reiki sets.

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How the Reiki Therapy Can Heal Your Disease?

There are seven chakras which are present in a human’s body. The role of these chakras is to release energy. If there are imbalances in any of these chakras, then you experience emotional and physical disturbances. From depression and anxiety to other chronic health disorders, a person can be afflicted to physical and emotional problems which can be healed by practicing the Reiki therapy. In order to surmount the physical and emotional health-related challenges, the use of Reiki can be highly beneficial. The therapist tries to find out whether you have an imbalance in any of the chakras. If there is an imbalance in the chakra, then the therapist finds out the precise area of the chakra and then uses the application of Reiki to get you rid of the pain as soon as possible.

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Do not let the emotional or physical hardships come in the way of your happy life. Contact the wholesaler of Reiki sets and get yourself the most appropriate one for the perfect healing you are looking forward to.

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The Perfect Six Crystals for Your Home-Alakik-Universal-Exports

The Perfect Six Crystals for Your Home

Nowadays, people use crystals for decorating their indoor zone. Do you know crystals can bring positivity in your house? Let us know about the healing sides of crystals which also serve as a decorative purpose in your home.

How Can Crystals Be Useful to You?

The daily tensions, conflicts at home and the anxiety drain a person’s energy. You need positive vibes which will help you keep going. Therefore, it is necessary to keep crystal stones at your place. The crystal rocks not only deck up your home, but also, they infuse a positive energy in your living zone and in your life too. In the online stores, you will come across various attractive healing crystals for sale. It is necessary to select the right crystals for your home. Not all crystals are designed to be kept in your drawing room. There are various places where you can keep the aesthetic crystals.

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The Perfect Six Crystals for Your Home

1. The Pink Rose Quartz: If you want to enhance your love life, then the pink colour Rose Quartz crystal should be placed in the bedroom. This crystal stone emits gentle energy along with compassion and love in the air. Buy Now: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/rose-quartz-150bds-gemstone-tree

2. Erase Negative Energy with Black Tourmaline: Although you can keep black tourmaline crystal stone at any place of your house, it is best to keep near the entrance of your home in order to erase negative energy from your home. This crystal will also help balance in your life. Take a look at our product: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/black-tourmaline-tumbles

3. Get Your Mind Focused with Amethyst Crystal: If you are not able to decide things instantly or you are not able to concentrate on your work, then the Amethyst crystal stone will work best for you. Get clear thoughts, remove misconceptions and have a relaxed mind by placing the Amethyst crystal stones on your desk. Buy Now: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/raw-amethyst-crystal-quartz-enviorment-cleanser

4. Be in High Spirits with Selenite Crystals: Do you go through mood swings? Do you feel low? Keep beautiful Selenite crystal stones in the living room to be in a good mood. Although these stones appear to be delicate, the crystals emit angelic vibes in the surroundings of your home. Order Now: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/selenite-tumble-stone

5. The Highly Energized Calcite Crystals: Cure your depression naturally by placing either yellow or orange Calcite crystal stones in your kitchen. The sterling Calcite crystals spreads a soft energy all over the kitchen, keeping your depression at bay. Take a look at our exclusive product here: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/white-calcite-tumbles

6. Get High Vibrations with Clear Quartz Crystals: The master stone of all crystals is the Clear Quartz. Upon having this crystal stone should be placed near the doorway of your home, you will get high vibrations which will help you keep highly energetic. Take a look at our arrowheads: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/crystal-quartz-arrowhead-pendant

So, make sure to get hold of the crystals mentioned above from a trusted wholesale healing crystal store to see the positive difference in your life.

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Meaning of Merkaba And Its Use-Alakik Universal Exports

Meaning of Merkaba And Its Use

Our body and mind work in sync when our energy field is active. To keep our health in a good condition, we need to keep the energy field healthy which is possible by staying away from stress, tension and anxiety. You can de-stress yourself and stay away from anxiety as well by using merkaba crystals. What is merkaba? How merkaba crystals are used? Let us know about merkaba in brief in the following lines.

Meaning of Merkaba

The name merkaba might sound little strange to the ears. But, the use of merkaba proves to be beneficial for human beings. Merkaba is generally an Egyptian term. The word Merkaba is divided into three parts. ‘Mer’ signifies a spiritual light which revolves around a human being. ‘Ka’ signifies the spirit and ‘Ba’ signifies the body of a human being.

Benefits of Merkaba

The energy that rotates around our body forms geometrical shapes. The energy moves in high speed. Due to our imbalanced lifestyle and stressful life, this energy field does not move at a rapid speed. As a result, we feel stressed, depressed and dejected. It is necessary to keep the energy field highly active at all times. Therefore, we need to incorporate merkaba in our daily lives, so that we can feel energetic. The useful merkaba star for sale is readily available at the online as well as offline stores.

Uses of Merkaba

Merkaba can be used in the form of meditation and by using crystals. The purpose of the merkaba meditation is to unclog the clogged energy. When there will be a good flow of energy, you will attain a better health and a peace of mind. With the right breathing patterns, you will be able to invigorate the seven chakras which will help you live a healthy life.

The other way is to use the merkaba crystals. You can target the specific energy field by using the merkaba crystals. There are various merkaba crystals whose uses are different.

1. Red Jasper Merkaba: This crystal sends positive energy in your body. It also purifies the aura and helps stabilize the root chakra. One can attain an emotional stability with this red jasper merkaba crystal. Click here to Buy Now: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/red-jasper-merkaba-star

2. Yellow Aventurine Crystal: Erase self-doubt and enhance self-confidence in your life by using yellow aventurine crystal. The Solar Plexus Chakra gets boosted by using this powerful crystal which further opens the door of opportunities in your life. Order Now: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/yellow-aventurine-merkaba-star

3. Crystal Quartz Merkaba: This crystal has many benefits. It boosts the spiritual development and wisdom of an individual. The energy gets restored in your body by way of a proper balance and concentration which is brought by the crystal stone. The natural crystal quartz merkaba star is the master crystals of all other crystal stones. Buy Now: www.alakik.net/dashboard/productsdetail/crystal-quartz-merkaba-star

Merkaba Stars for Sale-Alakik-Universal ExportsKeep your health vibrant by incorporating the merkaba crystals and see the positive changes happen in your life.

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How to Use A Chakra Wand on Yourself for Chakra Healing?

As we know that there exist seven chakras which are responsible for maintaining a stability in our physical and emotional health-related conditions. When these chakras fail to work properly, then you go through physical and emotional hardships. By using a chakra wand on yourself can truly help heal your disease quickly. Let us know in the next lines how you can use the chakra wand on yourself.

What Is A Chakra Wand?

A chakra wand or a crystal wand comes mainly in a form of various gemstones. The role of a chakra wand is to keep the seven chakras in balance. Keeping the chakra wands in the energy centres will keep your body free from emotional and physical disturbances. The chakra wands are more powerful than the crystal rocks. The healing powers of the chakra wands prove to be more effective on the patient. The energy that emits from the chakra wand heals the disease faster.

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Boost Your Aura

The non-physical field of energy which is also known as aura exists around a person. If the chakras fail to work properly, then your aura will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to boost the chakra with the help of the chakra wand or crystal wand. The chakras will start working again when the chakra wands are placed on the affected chakra points. The vibrations that are released from the chakra wands will boost the chakras, keeping your mind and body healthy. All you need is the massage wands for chakra healing from a reputed and trusted seller which will help you get rid of the physical, emotional as well as the spiritual disturbances.

Chakra Wand for Sale-Alakik-Universal ExportsHow to Use A Chakra Wand on Yourself?

To get better and effective results, you should use a chakra wand on yourself in a right way. When you use a chakra wand, you should inhale and exhale deep breaths. Keep pushing or pressing the chakra wand on the point where you are experiencing pain. It is best to push the chakra wand on the meridian lines or in the affected areas of the body to feel relieved from the pain. For instance, if you are experiencing a back ache due to poor posture, then you should push the chakra wand which is designed mainly for healing back ache should be pushed gently around the sacrum and on the hip bones followed by a light massage in a circular motion.

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Be at ease and keep your body free from pain by using chakra wands. Get hands on the high-quality massage wands wholesale products from a reputed online store for getting the best results.

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How Do Healing Stones Work?

The imbalanced lifestyle pushes us in the pit of diseases. Whenever we fall sick, we succumb to medicines which create side effects in the body. Have you ever thought of using the crystal stones for healing your diseases? If not yet, then you should start incorporating the crystal stones to keeps diseases at bay. Let us know more about the crystal stones in the next lines.

What Are Crystal Stones?

Crystal stones which are also known as healing stones appear in the form of gemstones. The purpose of the crystal healing is to remove negative energy from your body and your surroundings. The stones are used for healing physical and psychological ailments. Upon placing the crystal healing stones on the diseased part of the body, a patient can feel relieved from the ailments.

When the healing crystals are placed over the affected portion of your body, then the negative energy starts releasing out of your body and your body becomes free from diseases. You can use healing stones if you know the right way of using them. Get yourself trained from a professional therapist, so that you can get benefits from the crystal stones. Getting healing stones is not tough these days. In the online stores, you can get hands on the healing stones for sale at affordable prices.

Take a look at the benefits here: Healing Stones And Their Benefits

How Does the Healing Stones Work?

There are various colours and shapes of healing stones which look similar to the gemstones. These crystal stones have the quality of healing various diseases. In order to ward off health ailments, the crystal stones work best. You will get to see various types of crystal stones such as amethyst, green aventurine, yellow topaz and so on. Each crystal stone is used for various reasons. The healing stones are used by the therapists who are knowledgeable about the stones. The therapist will know about your ailments and will figure out the position of the chakras where the healing stones will be touched. Once the affected parts are known to the therapist, then he or she will place the healing stone on the precise chakra points. As the crystals are placed over the affected chakra point, the patient feels ache great sense of relaxation. The repetitive use of the healing stones keeps the seven chakras activated and a person gets rid of physical and emotional ailments.

Healing Stones for Sale-Alakik-Universal ExportsSo, if you are in need of the healing stones, do contact the metaphysical wholesale distributors now for getting the desired product for getting an instant relief from the ailments and to enjoy a healthy life in the long run.

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