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There are many people who may be interested in purchasing New Age Metaphysical products for various reasons. Whatever be the reason, it is necessary to buy good quality products at affordable rates. The best place for purchasing such products is Alakik. This site has been there for quite a long time, offering top quality products at reasonable rates. Shopping here is fun filled and exciting, since it is possible to find different types of metaphysical products with great ease. They are stated to be the wholesalers offering variety of products all under the same roof.

Different Types of Metaphysical Products

The different type of Metaphysical products sold by Alakik is given below. It is necessary to know more about them, so that the shopper can make a well informed purchase.

Why Buy from Alakik?

This is a question that is asked by many. Being the top rated wholeseller of New Age Metaphysical Products, it is possible for the shopper to get everything under the same roof. He does not have to go anywhere else in search of the favorite and desired products. There are indeed numerous reasons for shoppers to consider buying such products from reputed sites like Alakik, few of which are mentioned below.

  • Greater comfort and convenience: According to the company management, aspiring shoppers of Metaphysical products can shop even in their pajamas. The reason is because, this company is seriously committed towards bringing ease and convenience of online shopping among its potential and valuable customers. The easy to navigate and friendly site and different sections can help the person to select items in thousands and to browse at own convenience and at any point of time. Whatever be the need can be easily found within the set budget.
  • Information and privacy maintained: The shopper does not have to worry about his valuable information getting leaked on placing it during the order. The site managers have ensured that the website is SSL encrypted and is completely safe for transaction purpose. This effectively means that all transactions requiring the person to enter his personal and financial details are completely safe with the company. Nothing is leaked out at any point of time, since the security aspect is very high and secure. Moreover, information shared with the company is not leaked out in any form, to anyone or for any reason.
  • White glove delivery service: For those who love the stuffs offered from the site can follow what is offered by the company on their social accounts. This service provided by Alakik ensures that the shopper does not have to bother about anything and get genuine products. It is indeed a fabulous way to make the purchase.

The customer care officials hired by this company are very much friendly and cooperative. They can help their clients to make well informed purchase. The official site is easily navigable and the different categories do make it much convenient for the shopper to know the type of products that the site deals in. Also making payments is effortlessly and quick, while being completely secure. Overall, for purchasing metaphysical products, this is indeed the best site that can be relied upon at all times.

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Balance Your Chakras With These Tools

Due to daily life stressors, there may take place within the body and mind imbalances in several ways. It is as physical symptoms that they are noticed that correlates directly to the body chakras or energy centers as they are known.

Significance of Reiki

Reiki helps people to connect with themselves. It is also stated to be a wonderful way towards addressing various physical ailments and can be achieved through healing with the energy body. The overall health of the energy body is reflected by the health of the physical body. Diseases may crop up in the energy body initially. If physical issues are noticed, then it can be because of the body communicating with what has been neglected within. It is for this reason, there is a need to cultivate clear, healthy chakra system. For example, patients desiring to get cure for physical pain, chest pain or neck pain or digestive issues may not be due to injury. Some emotional block or probably holding pattern can be discovered within.

Effectiveness of Reiki

Reiki is regarded to be an effective and powerful modality that helps in clearing as well as re-balancing the body energy centers. It is through proper Reiki practice that the blocked chakras can be effectively and efficiently cleared.

Know the Different Chakras Present

  • Root Chakra: It is between the anus and the genitals that it is located and deals with problems surrounding survival, connection to Earth, tribal and identity issues. Survival fears arise if the chakra is found to be imbalanced, both financially and security wise for self and family. In this area, blockage could take place due to family problems, traumatic events, major life changes, etc.
  • Sacral Chakra: It is the second type that is located just below the navel by about 1” to 2”. It deals with power, sex, gender, money, procreation, creativity and emotions. With the chakra being imbalanced, there can be issues pertaining to sexual potency, abundance, control, power and relationships. Reiki can bring to the surface such suppressed emotions and to heal effectively.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra: It is just above the navel by about 1” to 2” that it is located and is the power center., where self protection and self esteem is connected with. It is rather a sign of giving out power and takes place, if the person is feeling discomfort. There could be noticed physical imbalances as bulimia, anorexia, adrenal or liver dysfunction, stomach ulcers, fatigue or indigestion. The blockages get lifted with the performance of Reiki.
  • Heart Chakra: This chakra is located at the chest center. It helps to tap into self love, higher selves, divine love as well as Christ Consciousness. With it being imbalanced, imbalances in the region can be physically experienced. Reiki can help the person to become more compassionate and the blockages can be cleared to help accept lover from the others.
  • Throat Chakra: It is at the throat base that this chakra is located and helps people to speak truth. This also deals with issues related to communication, will to live and creativity. Imbalances in it may develop thyroid problems, sore throat, TMJ, scoliosis or swollen glands. Reiki can help the person to express himself and to follow his dreams.

The above are the five chakra types whose imbalances can be cured with practicing of Reiki.

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The types of Agate and the their uses

The Types of Agate and The Their Uses | Alakik

The different banded Chalcedony varieties, a mineral belonging to the Quartz family has been given the name Agate. This product derived its name from Achetes River present in Sicily, the discovery site of Agate. They come banded in stripes or layers, with few varieties having color specks or ‘eye’ markings, while others are solid and fossilized inclusions.

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Agate are considered to be fascinating and evolving, with over thousands of types being found across the globe. It is their attractive and mesmerizing color bands that brings about magic and wonder to the planet. The different types are enumerated below:

  1. Blue Lace Agate: They have soothing, soft elegance, similar to sky blue waters that are released from the grasp of winter. It’s circular, graceful design is found to have positive, stimulating effect on attitude and emotions. It is rather termed to be a stone of support and encouragement and not protection. The circular flowing energy elevates, uplifts and calms.
  2. Dendritic Agate: It is also called Stone of Plentitude, bringing out fullness and abundance to all life areas, ranging from agriculture to business endeavors. This stone was associated with tree and woodland spirits and ancient Greek dryads.
  3. Crazy Lace Agate: It is also known as Happy Lace or the Laughter Stone. This is associated with Mexican dancing and fiestas, brining about joy to everyone wearing it. It encourages and provides support, thus elevating thoughts and to promote optimism. Circular energy flow is crated through its graceful random lacy pattern design to stimulate the attitude and mind.
  4. Laguna Agate: It is regarded to be the world’s most praised banded agate and popular for its vibrant shades of scarlet and red including for tight banding. It is found in Chihuahua area of Mexico.
  5. Fire Agate: It is called spiritual flame of pure perfection, known to carry wonderful mystery that is locked within  deep brown crystal. The fiery embers are seen to ignite if the stone is touched.
  6. Moss Agate: This stone throughout all cultures and history, is popularly termed to be agriculture and gardeners’ crystal. Tribal priests of those days had considered it to be a mysterious stone having miraculous healing properties. They are known to come with power for interacting with human organic system. Hence, it found use as talisman that was won by warriors with an objective to become strong and victorious.

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This stone is said to come with numerous beneficial properties, some of which are given below:

  • It promotes maturity, composure and inner stability. Its protective, warm properties help to encourage self confidence and security.
  • During pregnancy, it is stated to be a wonderful crystal. New mothers will find it easier to avoid those ‘baby blues’ that are at times experienced after the birth of the baby. Wearing this stone can help to encourage lactation.
  • The burning undesirable things can be stopped with this stone. It also helps those trying to juggle with multiple jobs and commitments.

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The Difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Reiki healing for many lay people will seem to be much similar to that of spiritual healing. The latter is said to channelize energy into the recipient from any higher source through the hands. However, some major differences are present between Reiki and Spiritual healing, some of which are given below:

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Difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

  1. Origins: It is through the Victorian Spiritualist Churches that spiritual healing is said to have grown. Reiki is Japanese, being common with Acupuncture, Shiatsu, OiGong and Tai Chi, Shintoism, Mystical Buddhism, etc. Its origins are said to be connected with Christianity, while some churches offer spiritual healing.
  2. Ways to connect to energy: It is through practice that spiritual healers tend to learn to connect and draw energy. Practitioners of Reiki have to go through ‘connection ritual’, which provides them with consistent and strong connection to source from day one. But spiritual healers are required to put more effort and time for achieving the same. Spiritual healers view themselves as ‘attuning’. While for Reiki, ‘Attunement’ is considered to be a special ritual connection performed on the Reiki student upon attending the course.
  3. Self treatments: More emphasis is laid upon self treating in Reiki, regarded to be the system’s essential part. However, it is not the same with spiritual healing.
  4. Treating methods: People are treated by spiritual healers by making them to sit on a chair. It is in the aura that the healing is performed. On the other hand, people are treated by Reiki specialists when lying down upon the treatment couch. Hands-on approach is used instead of hands-off approach.
  5. Using Symbols: The manner in which Reiki is practiced and taught, symbols are regarded to be the system’s integral part that is used in connection rituals known as attunements and for treating others. The Reiki practitioner is provided by the symbols with more conscious control over the energy that is being worked upon. The symbols ideally are to be used intuitively instead of imposed in manipulated academic fashion. Symbols are not used for spiritual healing.
                              Take a Look At Our Blog  What is Reiki And it’s Benefits

Beliefs: It is the common belief of spiritual healers that astral plane entities make them vulnerable as they open towards the energy. Adequate steps are taken towards safeguarding themselves. This is achieved through bubbly visualization of light surrounding them, close their chakras and close themselves after the completion of the treatment. Few spiritual healers require others to ‘stand on guard’ while they treat. This is not believed by Reiki people and such steps are not required to be performed, since energy is inherently protective. Protection is necessary for preventing the practitioner from facing problems from those upon whom they have been working for. Reiki prevents this and also stops that drained feeling on completion of the session. Reiki is said to come with inbuilt protection and for this nothing is to be done.                                          Take a Look At more about Reiki Product

What is chakra and it's benefits | Alakik

What is Chakra And it’s Benefits | Alakik

People have been using  Chakra Jewelry and Chakra Sets since ages, but what is Chakra? It means wheel in Sanskrit. Chakra refers to the wheel of energy fields or centers exist in your body. Each energy center is connected to a specific organ.

Learn about aura

What is aura? It is the energy that surrounds the living and non living things. When it comes to human body, there are seven layers of aura and each aural layer is directly connected to a chakra. The fist layer stands very close to your body and each additional layer gets further and further away.

If you are enjoying optimal mental and physical health, your aura extends beyond your body in all directions. When you are depressed or sick, the aura stays close to your body. Activating and balancing chakras ensure optimal release of powerful energy and your aura and vibrational frequency undergo tremendous transformation.

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 Fast paced life and overwhelming demands

You are living in a highly demanding world. The stress and strain involved with personal as well as official life has become almost unbearable for many. Dip in energy levels creates a negative impact and the productivity suffers badly. Many people are prisoners of negative thoughts and their physical, mental and financial health have been taking a beating these days.

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 If that is the case with you, you need to surround yourself with things that lift you up. That is exactly why ancient rishis and gurus recommended keeping stones, metals and jewels in close contact with your skin. Top quality chakra stones have very specific vibrations that lift you up unbelievably to restore the vitality and vigor you need to face the challenges in life.

 Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras in our body and they are the centers in your body through which energy flows. When energy gets blocked in the seven chakras, you become highly vulnerable to physical or mental discomforts. In order to get rid of the discomforts, you need to keep this energy flowing smoothly and freely. Click here to take a look at some chakra jewelry.

 1) Root Chakra (Mooladhara)

This chakra is located at the base of the spine and it encompasses the colon, bladder and the first three vertebrae. Root chakra represents your foundation and you feel connected to the universe when it functions properly.

 2) Sacral chakra (Svadhishthana)

This chakra is situated above the pubic bone and just below the navel. It can be described as your creativity or sexual centre. Your pleasure and basic emotions are deeply connected to the sacral chakra.

 3) Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)

It is located above the navel and emotional issues like self esteem, self confidence and self worth are closely connected with this chakra.

4) Heart chakra (Anahata)

This chakra is located in your chest. It is your source of love and connection and this chakra works as a bridge between your mind, emotions, spirit and body.

 5) Throat chakra (Vishuddha)

The location of this chakra is your throat and it is deeply connected with your verbal expression.

6) Third eye chakra (Ajna)

It is located in the forehead exactly between the eyebrows. This chakra is the center of intuition and if you align it properly, your intuitive and imaginative skills reach new heights.

 7) Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

It is located at the very top of the head; in fact at the crown of the head. It is the chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection.

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The human body is in constant flux between balance and imbalance. When you become aware of which chakra is out of balance and align it properly, the imbalance can be corrected. Proper alignment of all seven chakras located in your body keeps your mental, physical and emotional health at an optimal level.

What Is Reiki And It’s Benefits - Alakik

What is Reiki And it’s Benefits | Alakik

Two Japanese words Rei and Ki constitute the word Reiki. Reiki stands for ‘universal life energy. The energy available in the universe nourishes and maintains all living things. When the flow of this energy goes uninterrupted, proper balance and harmony within and around us becomes a reality

 Comprehensive method of approach

Reiki is a non-invasive complimentary therapy that is used for stress reduction and relaxation and it also promotes healing in the best way possible. This method treats the whole person including mind, body, spirit and emotions creating amazing beneficial effects.

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 The importance of strengthening your life force

Life force can be described as a subtle energy that surrounds and flows through pathways called chakras, nadis and meridians. This life force promotes cell nourishment and it keeps the cells highly active and vibrant. When your life force comes own, you feel unhealthy and become highly susceptible to various types of diseases. Strengthening your life force helps your body heal and achieve optimal balance.

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 Your thoughts and feelings influence the energy flow

Your thoughts and feelings influence the life force. When you nurture negative thoughts and emotions, the flow of your life force gets disturbed and this situation adversely affects your body organs. Quite naturally, your mental, emotional and physical health starts deteriorating. If you want to get rid of this problem, you need to learn how to channelize your energy flow effectively.

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 Channelization of energy 

During a Reiki therapy session, a patient has to lie down a table or couch or sit down on a chair. The practitioner gently places his/her hands in a series of nonintrusive positions on or near the body. The Reiki energy flows from the practitioner to the patient for providing the best healing effects. This procedure is a simple, safe and natural method of spiritual healing that anybody can make use of and it compliments all other therapeutic techniques to help people get rid of side effects and promote recovery.

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 Learn about the benefits of Reiki

This therapeutic practice creates deep relaxation and it helps you release stress and tension permanently. The self healing abilities of your body improve considerably and you can enjoy better sleep as well. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, reiki can be used to control it. Moreover, Reiki offers amazing relief from acute injuries and chronic problems like headaches, asthma and eczema can be addressed with the help of this procedure. You can break addictions from different substances and effective pain management also becomes a reality. Other prominent health benefits of reiki include cleansing dangerous toxins, reducing side effects of drugs, fast recovery from drug therapy after chemotherapy and surgery, strengthening immune system, slowing down the aging process and many more.

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Reiki improves the vibrational frequency of your body and it removes energy blockages to promote spiritual growth and harmony. You do not need to worry about any side effects and, your overall health and wellbeing will undergo tremendous transformation as well.

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Reiki Stones and Their Uses for Chakra Healing

In Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, a chakra is considered to be a node or energy point in the subtle body. It is believed that they are the part of the ingenious body or Nadi which is the meeting point of the energy of non-physical nature. It is believed that Nadi is the channels in the psycho-spiritual body through which human life force or vital energy or Prana moves. From different theological texts and teachings, you can learn about the different types of chakras. According to the Tantric texts, the subtle human body has many chakras. But amongst them, only seven chakras are considered the most important ones. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Many describe it as a spinning wheel of light.

A Brief about Chakra Healing

It is believed that within our physical body there resides a body double, a spiritual body which contains the chakras. They are those centers of activity which receive, assimilate and express life force energy. This force energy maintains a person’s physical, spiritual and mental functions. The force energy absorbs natural energies to and from the universe celestial entities and nature helps to transmit them. The activities of chakras influence our body shape, glandular process, chronic physical ailments, behaviors, and thoughts. If one chakra is blocked or is wide open or any disruption in the chakras results in an imbalance which is manifested in all areas of life. Reiki is one of the methods by which we can influence our chakras.

Healing Power of Reiki Stones 

There are very few tools and resources at our disposal that can align our entire body with healing that works. Chakra healing is considered the easiest way to have all your centers aligned. This is a science. Reiki stone is one of the most important tools of chakra healing. Reiki was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist MikaoUsui. The word reiki has been derived from two Japanese words, Rei meaning god’s wisdom and ki meaning life force energy. This Reiki means life force energy that has been guided spiritually. There are a number of ways of healing with reiki stones. The most common way is to lay on the stones, this can activate all your energy centers that are your 7 chakras. This will help you to release the energy unblocking those centers in your body.

Reiki stones can be used for chakra healing on its own. There is an abundance of reiki products that can be available in different shops and online stores, but the availability of quality and authentic products are very less. It is very important to know about the quality and authenticity of reiki products before you buy them. If you are new, then you definitely need a wholesale partner, who will provide you with the authentic and wide range of wholesale reiki sets. Alakik being one of the pioneering online stores and reiki set exporter is an authentic and reliable store. They have a wide variety of reiki sets for sale. Doing good to people through their business is the main objective of alakik.



Chakra Stone Benefits & Importance in Our Life

The term chakra has been derived from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disc. Chakras are the hot spot of energy pathways known as meridians, they are the areas where the density of energy stays in its highest form, and thus exchanging energy with the outside world gets easier. Energy through the chakras passes to our etheric energy field or aura and to the outside world and vice versa. It is believed that this energy exchange is what gives you that psychic sense of our surroundings, this flow of energy directly affects our thoughts, emotions, state of mind and health. Everything we do influences our chakras. Our fast paced lifestyle today disrupts our chakras, which leads to diseased mind, body and spirit. Crystals and gemstones can balance our chakras. Chakra stones include red jasper, golden quartz, peach Adventurin, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite. These stones can be used to heal and balance our chakras.

Importance of 7 chakras in our life 

There are many seven chakras, which are considered most important. This includes:

  1. Muladhara chakra or red chakra locating at the base of the spine, which is associated with health, our connection to earth, family passion, and moving forward in life. Disruption of which causes loneliness, insecurity, unconfident, depressed, addiction, phobias and obsessions.
  2. Orange chakra or Svadhisthana locating at the base of spine is associated with creativity, energy, confidence, unbalanced sacral chakra causes eating disorder, addiction, unbalanced emotions.
  3. Solar plexus or Manipuri locates at diaphragm associated with our physical centre , disruption of which causes lack of memory.
  4. Green chakra or Anahata is located at the heart and associated with love and compassion, unbalanced heart chakra will make you feel detached to the earthly world.
  5. Blue chakra or Vishuddha is located at the throat, have a close association with communication an unbalance throat chakra causes nervousness, anxiety.
  6. Indigo chakra is located between and just above our eye is associated with the mind, ideas, thought, dreams, disruption of the balance of which causes headache, migraine nightmares.
  7. Violet or purple chakra is located at the crown of the head and is associated with spirituality and divine wisdom. An unbalanced crown chakra causes confusion, loss of faith.

Benefits of balanced seven chakras

A balance seven chakras have immense importance in our lives. It helps to maintain our physical and mental well being by reducing depression, anxiety, diabetes, obesity, food allergies, eating disorders, stress and increases our confidence, attachment to worldly life. Its functions in our life are indispensable. Chakra stones and crystals by their healing property can make your life worth living.

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Get the best in Reiki Sets at Alakik

About Reiki products

When it is about business and you want to do good for people with your business then you just cannot compromise on quality. Reiki products are available in abundance in different shops and online stores. However not all of the stores sell quality and authentic products. Thus it becomes very important to know about the Reiki products and its authenticity. If you are new in this business then you need a wholesale partner who would not only provide you with the best quality products but also help you in having the largest variety of Reiki sets.

About Alakik

Alakik is one of the pioneering online stores and Reiki sets exporters who are into wholesale of the largest variety of Reiki sets. The company also export Reiki sets to various parts of the world.  When you are planning to become a retailer in Reiki products and want to help people with the best and most authentic products for Reiki it is best to contact Alakik. The company has acquired quite a good reputation around the world in providing the best Reiki sets to people who practice Reiki on a regular basis. In order to get healed through Reiki it becomes very important to initiate the seven chakras and channels in your body so that the positive energy flows better. Along with the Reiki products this positive energy can heal faster and better.

How can Alakik help you?

The range of Reiki products that Alakik offers is just amazing. So when you are looking for a wide range of products for your retail customers then switch to Alakik. You can buy at wholesale Reiki sets at unbelievable prices and get the best and guaranteed quality too.  As Reiki sets exporters Alakik has earned fame and thus when you retail their product your business become an instant hit too. Located in Gujarat Alakik provides exquisite and exclusive range of wholesale Reiki sets that are really stunning to look at. They use precious stones and crystals to manufacture these products so that the effect of healing is faster and better.

Top Quality Chakra Sets

Top Quality Wholesale Chakra Sets

Holistic healing has dominated Indian continent from a very early age. Since ancient times Indian sages have found the medicinal value of Ayurveda and from then on till this age Ayurveda and naturopathy has healed many lives. Asian continent and especially Japan has contributed immensely in the fields of holistic healing by offering the world with Reiki – the touch therapy. Reiki has been healing people of physical and mental diseases throughout the world. Reiki is based on the philosophy of initiating the seven chakras in our body. These chakras are the root of healing. Practicing Reiki can only activate these chakras so that one can start healing himself mentally and physically. Click here to take a look at our wholesale Chakra Sets for sale.

About the Reiki chakras and their significance.

In Reiki it is believed that there are seven main chakras in our body. These chakras actually reside in our spirits or soul which is enlightened by the initiation and use of Reiki. These chakras are capable of receiving and providing positive energy flow. Reiki believes that cure is only possible through the activation and transfer of positive energy through these chakras.

The seven main chakras are:

- Crown chakra
- The Third Eye Chakra
- The Throat Chakra
- Heart Chakra
- Solar plexus chakra
- Sacral Chakra
- Root Chakra

All these chakras need proper balancing to provide you with healing. So to balance these chakras you will need the Reiki chakra sets. Reiki Chakra sets are available online at various stores and you can get them at wholesale rates too. Wholesale chakra sets are available in different variety. Each of these varieties has their own function and can heal or cure different types of ailments. These sets are generally available with the wholesale chakra sets exporters who export these chakras to different parts of the world. Alakik is one of the pioneering wholesale chakra sets exporters who offer different variety of chakra sets for different uses. They provide the best quality material to manufacture these sets so that their clients can have the best healing. These charka sets come in different types of precious and semi precious stones.


Buy Reiki chakra sets
When you are planning to buy Reiki charka sets, make sure you buy it from a wholesale chakra sets exporter because they have the best ones. Alakik provides the best chakra sets and you can visit their website to know more about Reiki and how to use these chakra sets in the seven chakras in order to balance the flow of positive energy in your body and heal.

Reiki is one of the most preferred holistic treatments available in the whole world nowadays. More and more people are getting benefitted by this touch and distance therapy that is curing people of their physical and mental illness that are chronic or serious. Wholesale chakra sets of Reiki are the best things you can have to inculcate more positive energy in your mind and body while balancing the flow of energy perfectly. When you have a chakra set and practice Reiki everyday you become eternally blessed with good health.